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Top Networking Events in Dublin for Young Professionals

Top Networking Events in Dublin for Young Professionals

You’ve no doubt heard it a million times: Career advancement is as much about who you know as what you know—and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important. In fishing, you go to where the fish are or will be. In networking, the same logic holds. Position yourself where you will most likely be amongst people.

We’ve rounded up the top networking events in Dublin that are worth while taking time out for. These networks, events, groupings and awards ceremonies attract a lot of professionals across a variety of industries, looking to make similar, and more importantly, differing connections.

In putting together this list of top networking events in Dublin, we considered how established they are, whether they are career focused and also how relevant they may be for younger professionals looking to build up their network.

Just to highlight, those mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg in what is a vibrant community of business networking events in Dublin for young professionals seeking to maximise their networking potential. If you feel that we are missing some key inclusions, let us know in the comments below.


download1. Dublin Chamber of Commerce

The Dublin Chamber is probably one of the most consistent networking event in Dublin. They are considered the best organisation for networking in Dublin representing over 1,300 businesses and 300,000 employees. They organise multiple networking events each month. Most of their events are free or cheaper for members but with a small cost for non-members. You can view the Dublin Chambers list of upcoming events here.


girlcrew-300-1002. Girl Crew

For the female professionals: GirlCrew was originally set up as a social networking hub for girls who wanted to go out dancing when none of their friends were free and has since grown into little groups of women all over the world who want to just meet up and hang out – whether it’s for gigs, coffees, nights out, running, eating, whatever. GirlCrew have recently started doing events aimed at women in business called Girl Crew Pro. Past speakers at this event include Fionnuala Meehan, Google’s managing director of SME sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Una Mullally, journalist, broadcaster, author and LGBT rights campaigner, Anna Scally, tax partner at KPMG, Deanna O’Connor, Editor at Xpose Magazine and more. Find out more here.


image 3. Image Business Events

Image magazine have had high degrees of success with their networking events from Breakfast Networking Mornings with successful Irish leaders to Mentoring Workshops and also evening events with keynote speakers. You can find a full list of upcoming Image business networking events here.

iibn4. Irish International Business Network

IIBN is a global, not for profit organisation which brings together the cream of Irish business men and women. The objective of IIBN is to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between successful Irish professionals all over the world with a view to identifying and exploiting opportunities. Headquartered in London, IIBN also has chapters in Dublin and New York. Looking to make connections further afield? The IIBN will help you build up your network of Irish professionals throughout the world.


Logo_DBN_015. Dublin Business Network

DBN is based on the principal of a group of non-competing businesses helping each other to get new business. Members get to know what you do and what your USPs are. During the course of their business activities, they keep eyes and ears open for an opportunity to refer you to clients, friends and colleagues. The rest will be up to you.

meet up6. is a social media platform solely dedicated to meet ups. This site is both useful for finding events as well as for hosting them. It works on a location and keyword search. Relevant groups will appear for you to begin to explore events that may be of interest to you. We found the following groups which may be of interest to young professional in Dublin:


eventbrite-e7. Eventbrite

Although Eventbrite is primarily a site to make money by selling tickets it also feature a wide selection of free events. It is easy to use for organisers and is often where the ‘master copy’ of the event is based which is replicated on other sites to extend its reach. They have a strong selection of free and paid business events of which you can access here.


logo8. South Dublin Chamber

This is also a business network formed with the aim of providing members, in the South of Dublin, with an opportunity to create, improve and maximise business relationships with like – minded business people to increase and improve their business connections and professional network. Referrals and introductions are passed among members as a result of networking and understanding each other’s products and services. It is about improving your business as well as a network organisation. Find out about upcoming events here.


IN Dublin Logo-horizontal

9. IN-Dublin

Are you a young professional emigrant returning to Ireland? Or, are you a young professional thinking of moving to the US? IN-Dublin is a new business network established for returning emigrants aimed at establishing mentoring programmes and social events aim to help returning Irish make industry connections. IN-Dublin also aims to provide support to Irish professionals looking to move to the US, by connecting them with mentors and other experienced business people over there. The aim of this organisation is to open the channels of communication between Ireland and the US promoting and facilitating business opportunities and developments across the Atlantic. Find out more here.


logo sml-0110. The Irish Early Career Awards

Finally some shameless self promotion! The Irish Early Career Awards is an event that honours young professionals in Ireland in a variety of categories. This Awards ceremony is a fantastic night with a chance to network with peer businesses and industry professionals and exchange experiences and have fun! More importantly, it also offers professionals the key opportunity to get recognised across their industry community for achievements to date in their professional career. Nominations are now open across all categories for this prestigious event. To get involved and make a nomination for this event, click on the button below.