Winners 2022 - Lincoln Recruitment Irish Early Career Awards
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Winners 2022

Winners 2022


The Lincoln Irish Early Career Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements that is being delivered by young professionals in many different sectors throughout the country over the past 12 months. The winners below are recognised for their high standards of excellence. These outstanding young professionals and high achievers are admired across the professional services sectors for the work they have achieved so far. These awards ultimatley reward innovation, best practice and outstanding achievement across a broad range of sectors. The awards night  provides an important opportunity to recognise and showcase young professional stars as they progress on their career journey. 


Big congratulations to all the 2022 winners! Click Here to view the winners photos from the night.

If you would like to request high resolution versions of any of these photos please email Gail Banim,

HR & Recruitment Professional of the Year 2022

Lesley-Anne Merrigan – FINEOS

The judging panel Chair and judge of this award, Pat Casey, Founder and Principal Partner at PKC People had the following words to say about why he selected Lesley-Anne as the winner:

“Lesley-Anne progressed quickly to HR Operations Specialist and became a cornerstone for the HR Operations team. She embodies the company values of being a team player, having a customer-centric focus and being a high achiever. These traits made her the ideal choice to act as a buddy for new members of the team and to be given an integral role in DEI, L&D and onboarding projects. She has been praised repeatedly in her endorsements for her energy, commitment, attention to detail and HR expertise – making her my choice for winner in this category.”

Sponsored by ByrneWallace LLP


Accountant of the Year 2022

Orla Hanniffy – Datalex

Judging this award was Shay Dalton, Founder and MD at Lincoln Recruitment who said the following words about Orla’s win:

“Orla is using the strong knowledge and experience gained in different circumstances and bringing it to bear in her current role in a fast moving entrepreneurial venture. At this point the finance team is quite small but the impact of her broad range of skills is being felt across multiple functions and by both leadership and stakeholders. Orla instinctively understands the core values of innovation, relationship building and winning together and this makes her the worthy winner in this category.”


Banking & Capital Markets Professional of the Year 2022

Nargis Dewji – Davy

Laura Brouder Director at Institute of Bankers and judge of this category wrote the following words as to why she selected Nargis as winner:

“Nargis was chosen for her focus on her career progression but also her commitment to leaving a positive mark on the culture and the people around them. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she is looking to complete her CFP by December 2022, while also learning German in her spare time

She believes equally in giving back to the community and is committed to helping those who are less fortunate than herself. To cap it all, she was also in the middle of writing an article for the Global Citizen which is based on her volunteering experiences in Ireland and abroad. It was this equal passion for career development and volunteering that I picked her out as a professional worthy of recognition. I look forward to seeing her positive influence continue to prosper throughout her career.”

Sponsored by Compliance Institute & IOB


Fund Services Professional of the Year 2022

Rachel Harrison – MUFG Investor Services

Judging this category was Glen Finegan, Founder and Managing Partner at Skerryvore. Glen had the following words to say about why he chose Rachel as the winner:

“The winner in this category was chosen in part for her interesting career path where she gained a number of important insights from international roles . Rachel used this experience to great success when she returned to Dublin – becoming a proactive leader, encouraging frank and open communication and meeting challenges head on rather than letting difficulties fester.  She displays an impressive focus on the social side of work and on DEI issues. She is described by team members as unflappable, always there to help others, give advice and steer the direction of their team’s development. A great endorsement that makes her a worthy winner.”

Sponsored by Compliance Institute & IOB


Technologist & Data Scientist of the Year 2022

Adian O’Carroll – Avalanche

Judge Emmet Ryan, Correspondent and Editor of Business Post Connected said that he selected Aidan as the winner for the following reasons:

“The field for this category came from a fascinating spread of roles and companies, each of whom proved they belonged in the discussion for the winner. Aidan’s work building their company is impressive in it’s own right but it has been his ability to evolve as a leader that truly made him stand out in this category. Building a business as technical as theirs in Co. Kerry is a sign that innovation and entrepreneurship breed everywhere and he is a worthy winner of this award.”


Marketing, PR & Communications Professional of the Year 2022

Laura Barry – Distilled

David Field, MD of Fresh The Good Food Market and ex CEO of Marketing Institute of Ireland judged this award. David wrote these words as to why he selected Laura as the winner:

“This was a difficult category to choose a winner in but in the end, the winner is an excellent marketeer who understands the pillars of her profession and executes her role with enthusiasm, passion and vision. Laura is admired by colleagues and peers for her commitment to growing her brands, willingness to learn new skills, take on extra responsibility and all the time putting people at the centre of her focus. Her team endorsement stated she was a people champion who lifts everyone up around her to do better.”


Legal Professional of the Year 2022

Roisin Fitzpatrick – Deloitte

Cormac O Culáin, Director at The Bar of Ireland was the judge of this category. Cormac gave the following words as to why he chose Roisin as the winner:

“Roisin comes to work displaying an immense understanding and empathy to the role of businesses to the wider society – the transformative potential of engaging in wider CSR / ESG priorities; as well as a keen appetite to ensure that as a role model, her experiences can benefit those coming behind her. Her consistent values in the boardroom, in the office and in the community converge to ensure the alignment of business and society.”


Business Support Professional of the Year 2022

Nicola Quigley – NCBI

David Cass, Partner at Sia Partners judged this category and wrote the following as to why Nicola was his selected winner:

“Nicola has the ability to take on a broad range of activities. Personally driven and ambitious – she volunteered to take on a number of important roles beyond her job spec, seizing opportunities at every turn to acquire new skills, make impact and drive improvement. She is committed to up-skilling herself, she is now gaining qualifications in HR and continues to prove herself as flexible, adaptable and trusted in new spaces. Endorsements from Board members, peers and service users made her a clear choice as winner in this busy category.”


Compliance & Risk Professional of the Year 2022

Senan Ryan – White Horse Insurance Ireland

The judge of this category, Ciara Lambe, Head of Operations at Compliance Institute had the following words to say about her selected winner:

“This was a tough category to assess with a very high standard of compliance professionals shortlisted. In selecting the winner, I sought a thought leader who made the compliance function more accessible, guided their business through the ever developing compliance landscape, was values and purpose led and remained committed to continuous learning.”

Sponsored by Compliance Institute & IOB


Project Management Advisory & Consulting Professional of the Year 2022

Aaghaz Ahmed – Enerpower

Tim Bicknell, Management Consultant and Founder of Deep Cove judged this category. Tim shared his thoughts as to why Aaghaz was his selected winner:

“Aaghaz displayed a fantastic mix of clarity, focus and strategic planning around his career journey. He chose a sector that really lends itself well to his very sharp combination of engineering/tech expertise and flair for commercial management. He has also made rapid progress and it is very clear that he is very comfortable with the additional and client-facing responsibility he has been given. Perhaps most impressive and key to him being identified as the winner is the resourcefulness and initiative he has shown to reach into his own network outside the organisation at a relatively early age to address supply chain issues and find solutions.”

Sponsored by Sia Partners


Best Healthcare Professional of the Year 2022

France Glynn – Mater University Hospital

Kathryn Holly Group CEO of Orchard Care Group was the judge of this award. Kathryn had the following comments to make as to why she picked Frances as her winner:

“I was impressed with Frances’s understanding of the value of her profession – a fact that it is often under acknowledged. She appreciates the importance of self development and CPD and is committed to her own improvement and to take every opportunity to learn from others. She is also very actively involved in the training and support of new graduates. In a very worthy category, this nominee was a standout.”


Engineering & Construction Professional of the Year 2022

Luke Deasy – Enerpower

Judging this award was Cormac Bradley, Construction Manager at RPS Group. Cormac said he selected Luke as the winner of this category because of the following:

“Luke seems to thrive on growing responsibilities. In his current role he has, according to his employers, transformed the company in terms of turnover, delivery, personnel, projects undertaken and industry certification. He is innovative, bringing new ways of working, driving change, disrupting old ways of doing things and transforming culture. In his very capable hands, the team has delivered the largest combined Solar and Heat Pump Project In Ireland. ”


Insurance Professional of the Year 2022

Liam Duffy – Marsh

Dermot Murray, CEO of Institute of Ireland judged this category and had the following comments to make as to why Liam was his chosen winner:

“Described by his peers as an incredible insurance professional – always available, always listening and always willing to go the extra mile. He is well liked and respected and considered one of the most client focussed insurance professionals in the industry. He is team and customer centric, displays great communication skills, is detail oriented and puts integrity and trust at the heart of all of his interactions. A truly outstanding finalist, deserving of this award.”


Insuretech Professional of the Year 2022

Darragh Hackett – FINEOS

Judging this award was also Dermot Murray who chose Darragh because:

“Darragh began his career with his new employer during COVID and so was unable to meet work colleagues in person. Despite this, he quickly became an integral part of the team, embodying core values of hard work, high work standards and customer focus. He proved himself as the key player accommodating automation and completed knowledge sharing with other partners and team members, displaying the true spirit of company-wide collaboration.
What really stood out to me was that he really understood the importance of his position in the value chain and was well aware of the brand value that comes from speedy and accurate claims management.”


Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Joint Winners

Seany Mc Cleary – Streat School

Gareth Hickey, judge and previous winner of this award, wrote these words as to why he selected Seany as joint winner:

“Seany has helped dozens of others begin their own entrepreneurial journeys. He re-mortgaged his own house to keep his dream alive. His customers range from young women who want to create their own mobile catering businesses to one of the Big Four accounting firms, who placed a coffee trailer on the roof of one of their Dublin offices. Best of all, Seany is a passionate storyteller, a natural sales person, and commercially savvy.”


Stephen Costello – Spectrum Life

Gareth selected Stephen as joint winner because:

“Stephen co-founded a hugely successful mental health and well-being support service at 27 years of age. In less than a year, he has grown employee numbers by more than 100. He is tenacious, sales driven and has a unique ability to inspire others to share his vision.”

Sponsored by Stride


Best Leadership Development & Mentoring 2022


Chair of the judging panel Pat Casey judged this award. Pat wrote the following as to why he picked Matheson as the winners:

“I was impressed with all shortlistees in this category. In choosing the winner, they selected a hugely comprehensive Learning and Mentoring programme that used specialised resources and Senior Mentors. The Programme was supported by well established collaborations with Trinity College Dublin and The Judge Business School at Cambridge.  The initiative has spanned 5 years and has an impressive intake of 50 new participants each year.”

Sponsored by Primeline Group 


Young Professional of the Year 2022

Luke Deasy – Enerpower

Cormac Bradley who judged Luke’s nomination in the Engineering & Construction category, felt compelled to award Luke this accolade. These are his words as to why:

“The Young Professional of the Year possesses that elusive combination of the skill, career progression and a sense of values and purpose that sets them apart from their peers. What stood out for me with this finalist was his appetite to take on significant challenges from an early stage in his career – working in Kazakhstan and Mozambique in particular – and in a variety of sectors, Oil & Gas, High Voltage Electrical Infrastructure, Electrical Interconnector and Windfarms.

Shortly after joining his current employer, he asked for a significant financial investment by the company to rescue a number of projects, already on the books, which were in difficulty. Since then, he has grown the order book significantly, built a diverse cultural technical team around him that, by his own admission are greater than the sum of their parts and promotes interdependence in this team. He is admired by those he works with, committed to building a positive team culture and displays an infectious enthusiasm for his role.”

Sponsored by Lincoln Recruitment Specialists

This year our judges also identified individuals to watch out for in their early career, professionals who are currently delivering impact in terms of organisation performance and culture aka The Rising Stars:

HR, Cian Walsh, MongoDB and Sharanya Ravichandran, Altada Technology Systems

Accounting, Priscilla Ogawa, Retail in Motion

Banking & Capital Markets, Nathan Talbot, Renaissance RE

Fund Services – Deepanshu Kumar Berry, MUFG Investor Services

Technology & Data Science – Jordan Delaney, Fenergo and Kate Costello, FINEOS

Marketing Comms & Creative Media – Leighton Penrose, Leading Social and Tiarnan Spain, Tuath Housing

Legal – Megan Byrne, Dillon Eustace

Business Support, Emily Whyte, Primeline Group

Engineering & Construction-  Amy Ní Chuinneagain, AbbVie

Project Management, Advisory & Consulting – Yvonne Hoey, EY

Congratulations to all the Rising Stars of 2022!