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Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 35

Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 35

Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 35

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – A well-known quote from Winston Churchill that I’m sure many entrepreneurs has stumbled across in their path to success. The world around us is full of budding entrepreneurs, failing, succeeding and struggling, below we take a look at some of the world’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 35 years. In reading their success stories we hope to inspire young professionals to achieve their goals and understand there are no age limitations in achieving success!

Mark Zuckerberg Aged 32 years – Facebook

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg world renowned American online entrepreneur, estimated worth of $51.7 billion according to Forbes Magazine in March 2016. Establishing his entrepreneur career as a co-founder of Facebook on February 4th, 2004, he became one of the world’s youngest billionaire’s at the age of 23. Times Magazine has listed Zuckerberg in the top 100 wealthiest people and named him as one of the most influential people in the world. Zuckerberg is currently working as the CEO and Chairman of the social networking behemoth we know as Facebook.

Dustin Moskovitz Aged 32 years – Facebook

Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook alongside Mark Zuckerberg, according to Forbes Dustin currently has an estimated worth of $10.1 billion. In 2008 Dustin ventured into another start-up with Justin Rosenstein, called Asana – A web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work progress. However, despite the success of this business, Dustin’s main source of income derives from his 7.7% share in Facebook.

Nathan Blecharczyk Aged 33 years – Airbnb

Aged 33,  Nathan Blecharczyk follows in other young entrepreneur’s footsteps and joins the world’s youngest billionaires list. As co-founder and Chief technology officer of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk is worth an estimated $3.3billion. This online service lists over 2 million homes/rooms for short term rentals in 190 countries. Earlier this year Airbnb reached over 60 million guests logging on and using this service.

Evan Spiegel Aged 26 years – Snapchat

Co-founder and CEO of temporary video and picture messaging app Snapchat, Spiegel studied design at Stanford University where he met Murphy, co-founder of the app. The pair released the first version of Snapchat called Picaboo in 2011, which fell through, leading to the rebranding of Snapchat as we know it today. In 2013 Facebook placed an offer of $3 billion to buy Snapchat out but the offer was rejected. Today Snapchat is estimated at the value of $16 billion dollars, with Evan estimated at being worth $2 billion.

Bobby Murphy Aged 27 years – Snapchat

After meeting Spiegel in college the pair and a third friend called Reggie Brown (who they later bought out), started developing the app Snapchat. After working out the kinks in Picaboo, the original version, Snapchat was rebranded and rolled out late in 2011. With over 100 million daily active users Snapchat is currently estimated at over $16 billion with Murphy sitting on an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion.

Ben Silbermann Aged 34 years – Pinterest

Starting off his career in Google, Silbermann left this organisation after several years and decided to strike out on his own. In 2010 with two co-founders, Pinterest the virtual collector’s website was released allowing users to bookmark and share their photos of interest with the world. With more than 100 million monthly users, Pinterest was last valued at $11 billion in May 2015. Silbermann is estimated to be worth $1.57 billion pushing him into the young billionaire ranks.

Drew Houston Aged 33 years – Dropbox

Establishing Dropbox as a co-founder at 24 years, Drew Houston previously had a wealth of experience working with a number of start -ups and also venturing into a project himself. After releasing Dropbox to the market in 2007 with co-founder Arash Ferdowsi they saw revenue build year on year, making their first billion by January 2014, $1.1 billion. Dropbox offers their users free online file sharing and storage with extras available for premium paying customers. In 2013 they had over 150,000 companies signed up to the service, focusing heavily   on   the industry market. Although this online service has been successful in previous years it has failed to make a profit in the past two years.

The Stripe Brothers Aged 26 (John), 27 (Patrick) years –Stripe

Patrick and John Collison co-founders of the online payment system Stripe in 2011. Irish-born and raised in Limerick, the Collison brothers have always been competitive with one another and became interested in coding at a young age. Moving stateside to study, the self-thought coding brothers came up with their business idea while vacationing in South America. Stripes continued success has built year on year expanding to 300 personnel in 2015, with their business being valued at $5 billion in October of last year. These two brothers are no strangers to the entrepreneurial world, establishing their first company Auctomatic – online auction website, in 2007  and selling it on to  Live Current Media in 2008. These brothers are estimated to be worth $750 million each.

Palmer Luckey Aged 23 years – Oculus

Aged just 19 Palmer Luckey founded his virtual reality tech company – Oculus VR in 2012. Funding his company on Kickstarter, his campaign raised $250,000 in less than 2 hours of being live, reaching $2.4 million within the first month. Two years after the launch Oculus Facebook acquired the company for $2.3 billion in stock and cash.

Peter Szulczewski Aged 34 years – Wish – E-commerce

Founded in September 2011, Wish is one of Europe’s and North Americas largest online shopping app’s. Peter Szulczewski co-founder and CEO of Wish leads this organisation with the vision of “building the world’s most impactful shopping mall.” As mentioned in a recent interview with Forbes. The company has recently been valued at $3.5billion by venture capitalists with over 160 million registered users. Peter himself is currently estimated to have a net worth of $720 million.